Turning the whole world around us into one fully interactive Social Media environment

Zest is where Augmented Reality meets Artificial Neural Networks to make reality cooler than ever before!
Zest is a free mobile app that turns the entire world around you into one fully interactive social media environment.
Seeing something of interest in the real world? Just point your smartphone camera at it and leave a message for others to see and comment.
Found people "zesting" about something that interests you? Jump right in! People who share your interests are closer than you think.

We made Zest for you to fall back in love with the real world, the best social medium there is.

How it works

  • Create your own emoji

  • Put it on what you see!

  • Get in touch with ones who share your interests!

Technology of our own

Zest is based on our own object recognition technology. Wield the power of the advanced Artificial Neural Network to remember and recognize complex objects.
Real-time, with your smartphone.

Stellar team